If it ain’t on a rock, it ain’t rock art

The Creation of the Eland : Cyclically Re-Wilding and Re-Civilizing Yourself – Read the blurb on the ecological and cultural importance of the eland, and see the video showing the rock art Creation of the Eland

Herbivore Guild : Diversity creates Diversity – See vid and check out my blurb

Spotted Goanna : Where keystone species and Dreamtime being intersect – I’m all about the vids and blurbs

Making the Workd-making Bison – You should check out the vid and blurb

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Could hematitic paint save the world? The climate-saving potential of hematite films.

I do earth pigment rock art because I think we need to change our relationship to the planet. We need to feel less disconnected from it, and what better way to achieve that than through a “right brain” artisitc, creative engagement with clays and rocks to make earthy paintings of natural fauna on piece of … Continue reading Could hematitic paint save the world? The climate-saving potential of hematite films.

Herbivore Guild : Diversity creates Diversity

The short video here shows me making a rock art image of three animals that form a “herbivore guild”. For me, this is rich with intriguing associations – see my blurb below to find out why. Like many people who are into “rewilding”, I like the idea of there being impressive creatures living lives where … Continue reading Herbivore Guild : Diversity creates Diversity

Making the World-making Bison

As regards the bison, a study in the USA compared three areas of grassland prairie, and found that the one where bison were reintroduced had twice as much biodiversity as the one without large herbivores. This is a very significant alteration… So to sum up, as with the wildebeest, the bison is a keystone species, an ecosystem engineer, or as I call it, a landscape feature creature, and just like that primordial bison of the old cave painter myth, this animal brings about the creation of a host of other organisms.

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