The Glory of Glad – INDEX

1) Why keep an Ode Journal?

2) The Ode : an Evolving Form (and my first English Ode)

3) Various perspectives on Gratitude through the Ages

4) How Keats first smoothed the mood of the English Ode; how I first followed my muse in pursuit of his lead (after a hiatus of exactly 200 years)

5) Making a List, Selecting a Topic and Starting to Write an Ode (e.g. my Ode to Books)

6) Expanded Options for your Gratitude Odes (plus my ekphrasis of an ekphrasis of an ekphrasis and my Silver Birch sonnet)

7) Ode Journal as Material Object and Labour of Love : Cards that Care, Craft as Cure and Codex as Conjuration

8) Poetry and the Power of Placebo : Invocation, Incantation and Inspiration

9) Grounding your Genius by Taming your Titan (including an extended digression on the mid-60s creative flowering)

10) A Marriage Made in Heaven : the Remarkable Synthesis of Fasting-Induced Euphoria and Grati-Ode Journaling in a Harmonised Weekly Cycle (including my Ode on Returning Home)

11) Lightening the Load of your Odes : Embracing the Gifts of Thalia

12) A Delicate Dose of Delusion : Completing the Circle by Receiving Reciprocation

The Odes & Sonnets

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Ode to Hawthorn Berry Tea

Thick, soft tresses of maidenly blossom cascade – scented surf in a heavenly flood,  Pure white dress of the Hawthorn will one day become berry necklaces scarlet as bloodAt the sight off a-gathering filling my basket I’ll go for a plentiful storeOf the berry that brews to a tea with the power to soothe and relax … Continue reading Ode to Hawthorn Berry Tea

Bird is Spring

If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise as dozens of darling dinosaurs compete for their opera prize A phrase from one may establish its rhythm, but then it’s lost as another phrase cuts blithely across it with all the informality of free verse, in rich cacophony  And then that rhythm you heard before will suddenly … Continue reading Bird is Spring

Satisfying Wanderlust even in Lockdown: “Trance Mapping” as fulfilling exercise routine for optimised mood

When we exercise, there is a release of the chemicals that encourage us to form a mental map of valued places, such as BDNF and dopamine. This makes total sense if you think about the evolutionary hunter-gatherer context, where extended exercise meant being out and about in the landscape, probably looking for food or finding … Continue reading Satisfying Wanderlust even in Lockdown: “Trance Mapping” as fulfilling exercise routine for optimised mood

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